Here you can see some other websites that we've produced.

Studio Flash Website Studio Flash

This web site, built for a tattoo and piercing studio, has semi transparent layers (only visible in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla based browsers), dropdown menus for easy navigation, image databases with automatic scaling and color correction and much more, yet it doesn't require any plugins. On the server side it uses PHP and MySQL, and on the client side it only uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript, interconnected through the Domain Object Model. Every part of this website is modular and is put together on the server to create an output accessible to any web client. This allows for easy maintenance and quick updates and upgrades to the site.

Mondial Rides Website Mondial Rides

An older website, yet still a beaty to see. Java and JavaScript are instead of Flash used to create animation effects. Therefore no plugins are needed that the user has to download and that may not work in some browsers on some operating systems. Smart data recycling, using the browser's cache, minimises downloads and increases speed. Furthermore this website boasts streaming video with automatic plugin selection and line speed detection (Only for RealMedia). A real must see!

Administratiekantoor Oord Website Administratiekantoor Oord

Through a mixture of PHP, CSS and JavaScript, a web site is created that has some advanced properties. It uses the full browserwindow, by stretching up the background image, yet it doesn't use frames, which makes it accessible for text browsers and indexible by search engines. A key characteristic of this website is it's modular setup, by which an easy maintainability is achieved. This site is also hosted by Faber Online Publishing.

Carričre Switch Website Carrière Switch

A large web site for a consultancy bureau for career development, financial planning and P&O management.

Triwa Website Triwa

This web site has a highly modular setup, for easy maintenance and therefore low costs. It has a simple, yet effective navigation system, with an expandable navigation tree in the products page. This tree was fully written in HTML and JavaScript to ensure fast loading times, and immediate reactions to the user's actions. The code for this is generated by a PHP function, again for easier maintenance. This site is also hosted by Faber Online Publishing.

Grenen Loods Website de Grenen Loods

A simples modular layered web site. The layers create the illusion of frames, without the search engine indexation drawbacks of framed web sites. The text layer has a rounded top edge, under which te text disappears during scrolling.

't Wenhūs Website 't Wenhûs

A warm and colourful web site for a furniture shop. This site only uses standard HTML and CSS. Therefore it is fast, realiable, cost effective and easy to maintain.

Studio Flash the Piercing Factory Website Studio Flash the Piercing Factory

A variation on the Studio Flash web site. This site is bilingual in a manner that on every page users can switch between languages instantly. The user's preference is kept in a cookie for future use. The web shop on this site is in English only, for easier maintenance on the product list, so the website has to be able to switch back and forth between multilingual and unilingual sections, and it does so fluently.

TopStep Website TopStep

A simple but very functional web site for a producer of aluminum floor- and step sections. This is an example of how a website can be used for spreading (technical) product information. It doesn't use fancy web design techniques, but it gets the job done real well.

Wooden Shoes Holland Website Wooden Shoes Holland

This was a multilingual E-commerce site, where people could buy wooden shoes and wooden shoe accessories. This website is now no longer online, but we are planning to house a copy of a large part of the site on our server, so you can still look around on it.